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Kaytranada And VanJess Make Breaking Up A Celebration On 'Dysfunctional'

How can this song make us sad about a breakup yet excited to party at the same time!?

If you've ever wondered what a night on the town sounds like, Kaytranada and Nigerian sister duo VanJess's new collaboration, "Dysfunctional" authentically answers that question. For the producer's first new music since last year's EP NOTHIN LIKE U/CHANCES, he wisely taps into the feeling that you get when standing outside of the nightclub waiting to get in and the slight feeling of euphoria when another round of drinks is downed in the company of friends.

There's one thing that's immediately apparent: Kaytranada's mastery of groovy bass equals his knowledge of synths. They fit together like pieces of a complex puzzle here for a Rube Goldberg mechanism of a beat, one that's tailor-made for club runs in New York City. VanJess bring some soft and sensual energy with equally oily voices that spill frustrations with partners. For them to be so angry, they sound amazing. If you were to get broken up to the smooth sounds of their voices and the funkiness of the beat, you'd want to dance first and probably win them back later.

Kaytranada's debut full-length album 99.9% came out in 2016. Could this mean that a follow-up is in the works? It's too early to tell. VanJess released their studio debut SilkCanvas last year, so there's more of them to consume after this. The skill of their chemistry with Kaytranda means that we hope this isn't the only time that they connect.

Listen to the funky power of "Dysfunctional" up above.