(Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Lil Uzi Vert Makes An Official Return With Two Drastically Different Songs

'Sanguine Paradise' is all about the melody and 'That's A Rack' is all about the bars

"Lil Uzi is coming! Lil Uzi is coming!" screamed the man on horseback, frantically exclaiming to the unsuspecting internet atmosphere.

A few weeks ago, the rapper resurfaced, fresh from alleged retirement with the nasally "Free Uzi" (it was a pitch higher than normal). It was a leak, according to Atlantic Records, and came with an accompanying music video, but a leak nonetheless. But as of Wednesday (April 10), Lil Uzi Vert has officially returned with not one, but two, vastly different tunes in "Sanguine Paradise," and "That's A Rack." He's finally back.

"Sanguine Paradise" is a return to the cartoonish trap sound that makes his music prime for bouncing one shoulder at a time and giving out evil grins. It's a devilishly sweet treat with meaty bass that gives it a sinister edge. In comparison, "That's A Rack" is darker, heftier, and shinier. It can be best described as melancholic as Uzi slows down his shaky flows and strips them of melody. Admittedly, it's rare to hear Uzi flowing – like this at that – so it's refreshing and an indicator that beneath the theatrics, there's a reason why his rap name is what it is.

These two official releases could be indicators that his long-delayed album, tentatively named Eternal Atake, could finally be on the road to release. Now that he's reportedly inked a management deal with Roc Nation, it looks like the wheels are moving again.

Listen to the two new songs up above.