Will Paulie Volunteer For A Possible Challenge War With Kyle?

The potential showdown would be a clash of two worlds

Paulie has stated his desire to face Cara Maria's ex adversary Kyle in a Challenge elimination. So will the Final Reckoning bronze medalist finally get his shot at settling this war?

During tonight's installment of War of the Worlds, the Geordie Shore export found himself in the Tribunal against winners Paulie (as well as Wes, Da'Vonne, Georgia, Ninja and Turbo). Immediately, Kyle made a somewhat odd case for his current standing in the game.

"I have a broken knee; I have paint all over my face," he stated. "But yeah, I'm going to go in and win, and I'm going to come back." Not in the best physical shape, exactly -- but a victory is imminent?

And even though Paulie was immune from being sent home, he had to call out his real hope for this Killing Floor round.

"Do we have to go against each other? Is that the only way we get each other out?" Paulie asked.

Kyle's response: "It could be."

While Turbo admitted he would like this combo to face off, Cara saw the possible scenario completely differently.

"Paulie, f*ck no -- I don't care what kind of elimination this is," the two-time champ declared about her beau. "Do not volunteer yourself, because if anything happens before the final, you're an idiot."

Wes kicked off the vote by giving a call-out to anyone willing to "throw themselves down there and go against one of the people." While we don't yet even know if Kyle will be the nominee, he issued a warning to his nemesis.

"If you ever want to take a shot at me, now is your chance, brother," Kyle declared in a confessional. "Come down here, and let's finish what we started."

And end episode (obviously). Do you think Paulie will put himself in, and will his opponent be Kyle? Will one man go in -- but not the other? Or will both avoid the KF? Give your predictions, and do not miss an all-new Challenge episode on Wednesday at 9/8c!