Ronnie Just Dropped A Jersey Shore Bombshell And Everyone Is Shook

Snooki, for one, says the situation is 'crazy'

Rather than roasting s'mores and sharing spooky stories around the campfire at an upstate New York dude ranch, the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation crew found themselves questioning Ronnie's choices during tonight's episode.

The situation at hand? Ronnie's baby mama Jen might be pregnant again -- just a few months after giving birth to Ariana Sky. Upon hearing the news of her late cycle, cries of "Oh my God" could be heard as far as Seaside as the roommates recalled a series of dramatic moments from Ron and Jen's relationship.

"It's definitely crazy to think Jen's pregnant again," Snooki said, "because we just never know where they are in their relationship -- if they're happy, if they're fighting in public, if she's dragging him in a car. I mean, I just want them to be good before they bring another baby into the world." Meanwhile, JWOWW insisted they need "another five years of therapy" before adding to their family.

Despite Ron's latest incident in Secaucus that may or may not have involved Jen (it's still questionable), he claims they're fine. In fact, he says he loves being a dad and "would rather have another child with Jen than have another child with another woman."

But Pauly D isn't so sure that's the wisest decision -- and predicts it'll all come to a head sooner or later.

"Their relationship's a rollercoaster -- the last thing they need to do is have another baby," the DJ said. "We all know it's only a matter of time before he falls apart."

What do you think of Ronnie's potentially big news? Give us your thoughts, then catch an all-new Jersey Shore: Family Vacation next Thursday at 8/7c.