Teen Mom 2 History: How Did Kailyn And Amber's Relationship Begin?

The two took a walk down memory lane (and discussed Jenelle) during tonight's episode

Teen Mom 2's Kailyn and Teen Mom OG's Amber have both endured tension-filled situations with the former's fellow cast member Jenelle. And during this week's brand-new episode, Kail invited Amber (one of her "favorite people") to her podcast to "bring it up" (aka their respective incidents with Jenelle) and discuss their takes on what unfolded. First: Amber's version of the events.

"It started as me going through my stuff, and I see all of this stuff she's saying about you, and this, that and burning your sh*t. And I'm like, 'Who is this?'" Amber said. According to Amber, Jenelle proceeded to "add in my name with it," which resulted in Amber "freaking out."

"I wasn't proud of how I responded -- I really wasn't," Amber confessed. "And then she blocked me."

When Kail recounted how she used to be the closest to Jenelle and how issues have bubbled with Briana over the past two years, it prompted her to think of how relations used to be.

"It's weird because, looking back at the dynamic of how we all started to how we are now, it's like we were a unit and now we're not," Kail said.

But she is a unit with Amber -- and they have some meaningful history.

"I first met Amber in 2014 after we both wrote our first books and went on a book tour together," Kail revealed to MTV News (some of their trip is featured in the OG clip above). "She was newly out of prison. I got to see a super-candid real-life version of her, and I just love her."

And how have the two supported each other since?

"I think we both have each other's backs, even if we don't necessarily agree with what the other one does. We still look out for one another and try to help see where we maybe went wrong or just help each other acknowledge what we've done wrong. But it's always nice when we're in the same place and we can get together to catch up."

How do you feel about the ladies' candid convo? And what do you think of Kail's aforementioned statement about the Teen Mom 2 cast evolution? Will they all reach a common ground? Tell us your opinion, then be sure to keep watching Teen Mom 2 on Mondays at 9/8c.