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James Blake And Rosalía Have A Near-Death Experience In Emotional 'Barefoot In The Park' Video

A car crash makes the singers' lives flash before their eyes

Clean your eardrums and grab a travel-sized package of Kleenex to keep close by when listening to and watching the video for "Barefoot In The Park" from James Blake's latest album Assume Form. The track features Spanish singer Rosalía and her seraphic voice, soft enough to blow gentle ripples into the Pacific Ocean. In the official video, the two singers combine for a thrilling, emotional depiction of what happens when life flashes before our eyes. We're lost, riled-up, and then become alert. We also almost fall victim to our memories.

There's a crash with orange ribbons of fire waving to the sky. An overturned station wagon and busted-up jalopy are mangled beyond repair and standing before the wreckage are two children – a boy and girl who are unsure of who the other is. They depart and we follow their individual paths. It's quickly revealed that these two children are younger versions of our singers. The boy moves solemnly by himself on the street while Blake watches, almost longingly. Rosalía admires her past self's vibrant personality, watching as the little girl plays with others and has a good time just being alive.

Eventually, these children turn to dust and older versions are presented, still walking the road of life while minding their business. The singers continue to watch them intently as they travel paths already taken, experience feelings that they already have. Eventually, they are adults, and Blake and Rosalía hop into two cars – a station wagon and, of course, the jalopy. The heart sinks. These two have a terrible fate in store. But at the last second, it's revealed that this crash didn't actually happen. On a dusty, back alley road, the singers' cars nearly collided, leading to this out-of-body experience in the first place. It's an intelligent, welcome depiction of life flashing before a person's eyes.

The video for "Barefoot In The Park" follows Blake's last visual for "Mile High," in which he was so bored of his conversation with Travis Scott that he was transported into another realm entirely (from the depths of a coffee mug). He's currently on tour in support of his latest album.

Check out the awe-inspiring visual up above.