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Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Series Brings John Cho On As Spike Spiegel

3, 2, 1, let's jam

Netflix is moving full speed ahead with its upcoming reboot of the beloved anime classic Cowboy Bebop, and it's even settled on a few important casting decisions to kick things off.

If you've been waiting for this adaptation to finally materialize, it looks like it's actually going to happen this time, and we can't wait to see it come to light.

Actor John Cho (Star Trek) has been tapped to play bounty hunter Spike Spiegel, the show's futuristic "cowboy" who makes his way across the solar system with ex-cop partner Jet trying to take in the most dangerous bounties in the universe.

Armed with the power of his Jeet Kune Do fighting style and killer charm, he's usually able to talk his way out of the various situations he finds himself in – but he isn't afraid to resort to fisticuffs when he needs to. OK, so he has to do that more often than not, but we'll be damned if you've ever met a more charismatic bounty hunter in your life.

Mustafa Shakir (Marvel's Luke Cage) will pair up with Cho to portray Jet Black, an ex-cop who had it all before a betrayal forced him to follow the path of the vagabond and join Spiegel on his trip throughout the galaxy aboard their ship, the Bebop. Jet's captain, so don't cross him.

Daniella Pineda (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) will take on the role of Faye Valentine, the unpredictable, brutally honest, and deadly bounty hunter who works alongside Spike and Jet. She's not above lying and stealing to get her way, but she's so beautiful you might not even realize you're being played.

Finally, Alex Hassell (Suburbicon) will take on the role of the villainous Vicious, Spike Spiegel's ex-partner and arch-enemy.

The hacker Edward has yet to be cast, but Netflix has indicated she'll be along for the ride, so fear not.

The show will span 10 episodes and has brought Alex Garcia Lopez of Marvel's Daredevil fame on to direct the first two. Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements of Tomorrow Studios (Snowpiercer) will produce, with Christopher Yost (Thor: The Dark World) penning the first episode. Meanwhile, the anime's original director Shinichiro Watanabe will be on board as a consultant.

As of right now, it doesn't look like there's a date for the series to premiere just yet, but we certainly hope we'll be seeing this space cowboy sooner rather than later.