Will Teen Mom OG's Cheyenne Allow Her Daughter To Be Around Cory's Girlfriend?

He's back with his 'Ex on the Beach' co-star Taylor

Cheyenne and Cory's relationship was in an uncertain state at the end of their inaugural Teen Mom OG season -- Ryder's parents hooked up and it appeared that they might actually date each other, but he didn't want to commit (much to her visible disappointment). Now, during this week's premiere, their status was more concrete: The young dad revealed he had reconciled with his Ex on the Beach lady Taylor -- and Chey was adamant that the fellow Are You the One? alum would not spend time with her mini-me.

"I don't want her around Ryder, and if she wants to be around Ryder, then we need to sit down and have a conversation," she told Cory.

He was open to the request but warned that after said chat, Cheyenne couldn't "do anything."

"If I don't want somebody around my kid, they're not going to be around my kid. The same way that if you don't want someone around your kid, then I'm going to respect that."

But Cory got heated -- and brought up how Cheyenne's former beau Zach was living with her (and Ryder).

"You're not going to scream in front of the baby, so calm down," she demanded.

Neither of them lowered their voices as they went back and forth about how Zach gave Cory trouble and how his "bed buddy" (Chey's term for Taylor) wasn't just a "bed buddy."

"It's not just your baby -- get over it," Cory insisted.

Eventually, the two were able to speak about the topic again when they had both settled down and reflected on their "one argument in two years." However, the issue was much deeper for Cheyenne.

"When I had her, I had her by myself, and I thought I would always have her by myself," she tearfully confessed. "So having to share her is a lot f*cking harder than you think it is. Meanwhile, Cory said that he had no idea it was this difficult given her lack of communication about it.

But back to the starting point of the disagreement: Will Cheyenne allow Taylor to be around Ryder? Or will she try to block any encounters? Tell us what you think, then catch another Teen Mom OG on Monday at 9/8c.