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Zara Larsson Is Just Fine After A Breakup On 'Don't Worry Bout Me'

Shoo ex, don't bother me!

After the brain freezes accompanying those post-breakup ice-cream nights on the couch comes being at peace – at peace with the situation and being at peace with one's self for the outcome. The end of a relationship brings tears, hoarseness from yelling into one's pillow, and envy for those without a splitting heart. Zara Larsson's latest is designed to take the suffering party out of that defeated mindset and thrust them forward into peace, especially if it's the other person is the one to blame. "Don't Worry 'Bout Me" takes pride in one's self-worth and is an exciting, electric next chapter for healing and moving on.

This is the kind of smooth, sexy pop that pokes and prods the unwilling to dance, then leads them to the floor for a rousing routine. Larsson's voice is buttery smooth and confident. She's the damsel in distress on "Don't Worry About Me," put into a precarious breakup by her would-be savior. But here, she takes her power from her liberator and casts them as the villain. "Why do you do that to me? / Unfair how after we done, then you care," she sings. Her voice isn't quivering and she doesn't sound uncertain. As she waxes softly, the extent of her partner's idiocy is revealed. It's too late to worry about what Larsson's doing, who she's seeing, or where she's been hanging out. She's good. Bug off.

Larsson's latest follows "Ruin My Life" that hit the Billboard Hot 100 in January. The singer will be supporting Ed Sheeran during the European leg of his 2019 tour.

Take a listen to the powerful song about self-love up above.