Parting Words: How Does The Challenge's Da'Vonne Describe Her Bond With Bear?

The U.K. export was ousted during tonight's 'War of the World' episode

Bear did not shy away from voicing his opinion throughout his rookie Challenge campaign -- and a large portion of his outspokenness on the battlefield was directed at his former partner Da'Vonne. But during tonight's episode, the Celebrity Big Brother victor was at a loss for words after his Killing Room defeat to fellow Brit Kyle.

"I didn't feel like a man. I wasn't ready to go home," he shamefully stated post-exit. As for leaving his fellow U.K. alliance hookup member Georgia?

"I couldn't even say goodbye," he added about the Love Island starlet as she wept on the sidelines, comforted by Mama Day. "I couldn't look her in the eyes."

And he didn't have a moment with Da'Vonne -- the woman who was by his side for eight missions and two eliminations -- either. So how would the Veteran describe her bond now with the ousted contestant?

"I love Bear. Bear taught me a lot about myself," the hysterical competitor recently revealed to MTV News. "It was definitely up and down -- we had our ups and downs -- but he is amazing." Wonder if this Tired Out memory sticks out as a low point for Mama Day...

Were you surprised by Bear's defeat? And what do you think the game holds for Da'Vonne now that she doesn't have the Prospect in this war anymore? Give your take, then keep watching War of the Worlds on Wednesdays at 9/8c.