(Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Roc Nation)

Big Sean Opens Up About Therapy And Learning To Love Himself: 'I'm Making The Best Music Of My Life'

To celebrate his 31st birthday, the rapper posted three videos on Instagram that focused on personal clarity

Since the release of 2017's Double Or Nothing with Metro Boomin, Big Sean has been noticeably absent from public view. Though he was scheduled to go on the Unfriendly Reminder tour with Playboi Carti last year, he ultimately cancelled it in order to "stay focused in the studio." But today, his 31st birthday, the rapper decided to open up about his brief break. In a series of Instagram videos, Big Sean shared details about his emotional health and the importance of therapy.

The three videos that the rapper uploaded touch on important pieces of his past as well as his ongoing journey with self-love. "I'm big on energy and I wasn't feeling like myself and I couldn't figure out why," he says. "So what I did was I stepped back from everything I was doing, everything I had going on, because somewhere in the middle of it, I just felt lost and I didn't know how I got there." He reveals his solution for that in the second video: going to seek professional help. "I got a good therapist, I was blessed enough to talk to some super spiritual people, and they made me realize what I was missing in my life and one thing I was missing was clarity."

Big Sean goes on to say that the lack of clarity in his life was so bad that his passion for music — which he calls his "happiness and joy" – was waning. To fix that, he credits being adventurous and doing things out of the ordinary in addition to therapy. "In the midst of that, I definitely rediscovered myself and found a whole new source of energy, with me being the source and not anyone else," he says. Following this discovery, he says that he returned to the studio and is now "making best music of my life."

It's great to see Big Sean feeling better and back in full swing. He's just in time for J. Cole's Dreamville Festival, where he's scheduled to perform at alongside artists such as 21 Savage, SZA, and Teyana Taylor on April 6.