Sigrid Has A Joyous Dance Party For One In Her 'Don't Feel Like Crying' Video

Her shimmery pair of pants is the real star, though

If you've ever seen a Sigrid performance before — whether in person or on a screen — you know the 22-year-old loves dancing her heart out, especially in a pair of statement pants. There were the sparkly fringe trousers she wore on The Late Late Show, the shimmering magenta jeans she rocked on The Late Show, and now, the silver disco pants she wears in her new video for "Don't Feel Like Crying."

The defiant breakup anthem got a dance-centric visual on Friday (March 22) that takes place entirely in a drab, empty waiting room. As soon as Sigrid tears off her red jacket, her surroundings change colors — the yellow and red chairs turn blue, as do the window curtains — signifying a change of perspective as she powers through her heartbreak. "Wallowing in it would be such a waste / That isn't gonna fix it anyway," she insists, joyously dancing around the room.

"Don't Feel Like Crying" is the latest single from Sigrid's recently released full-length debut, Sucker Punch. While breaking down the album with MTV News, she said of the track, "I wanted 'Don’t Feel Like Crying' to be a fun song."

She continued, "I wanted it to be something to distract people from the sad stuff and just dance, and then when they listen to it at a club or a party with their friends, they'll be like, 'Woah! This is such a tune.' But then when they listen to it alone, maybe on their way home from the party or going for a run or just sitting at home on the couch, they'll be like, 'Oh, this is actually really sad.' I love that — when you can get the song to work in different types of environments."

Read more about Sigrid's thoughts on her album right here, and get excited to see what kind of magical pants she chooses next.