'We Just Started Making Out': Diandra's Steamy Ex On The Beach Hookup You Didn't See

Find out who locked lips with the 'Are You the One?' alum (it wasn't Darian)

Diandra set off Hurricane Janelle because of a seemingly innocent smooch with the bad girl's ex Darian in the Shack of Secrets (relive the gold below). But the Are You the One? alum had another lip lock on Ex On the Beach, revealed during Part 2 of the show's reunion special. And yes, it was much steamier than the Shack of Secrets scene.

That's right, it was Didi and Corey (hey, that rhymes) -- and Chad's priceless reaction. So how did the lip lock come about?

"I said, 'I've never been with a white guy before,' and he was like, 'Really?'" she recounted, as seen in the video above. "I was like, 'Are you trying to be my first one?' and he was like, 'Yeah.' So we just started making out."

So why didn't the two pursue a relationship? And how would the Big Brother vet describe Didi? Hear their takes in the clip and, because we mentioned it, relive Janelle's iconic storming in to the SoS below.