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Cole Sprouse Finally Sang On Riverdale And It Was 'Worth The Wait,' Says Lili Reinhart

Sprouse's vocal chops may have surprised fans, but he didn't surprise his co-stars

Riverdale's most recent musical episode promised "Big Fun" — but did it deliver? For the most part, yes. Heavy on camp (even by Riverdale's standards) and big on emotion, the episode found our favorite fictional teens singing songs from Heathers: The Musical to deal with their tumultuous lives — Cheryl and Toni are reeling from their breakup; Archie is mooning over Josie; Veronica is blindsided by her parents' separation; Betty is trying to take down a cult; and Jughead makes a heartbreaking discovery about his mom. It's a lot.

But it's also what we've come to expect from Riverdale, a show were a maple syrup empire being a front for a drug cartel is no big deal. What no one was expecting in this episode, however, was for Jughead "I'm a Weirdo" Jones (Cole Sprouse) to burst into song.

After decidedly not taking part in Riverdale's first musical episode last season, Sprouse joined his cast mates for several numbers in "Big Fun," including a Bughead duet with his on-screen and off-screen love, Lili Reinhart. Perhaps even more shocking: their cover of "Seventeen" — an emotional ballad about wanting to be normal teens who go bowling and watch bad movies — was truly incredible.

But don't take our word for it:

Sprouse may have surprised viewers with his vocal chops, but it was nothing his cast mates hadn't seen before. "I don't think it was surprising to see Cole singing and dancing," Charles Melton told MTV News on the set of the musical episode in Vancouver. "He has a good voice. It's just exciting to see him actually do it."

"I think it was inevitable that Cole was going to have to sing this time around — you can't dodge it twice," Reinhart said. "He sounds wonderful. It's going to surprise everyone and blow everyone away. It was well worth the wait."

And while that doesn't mean Jughead will have a regular performance slot at Veronica's La Bonne Nuit, at least we'll always have those Bughead harmonies to remember fondly. And to play on repeat — until next year's musical.