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Sophie Turner Downing Wine With Reckless Abandon Has Transformed Her Into A Meme

'Turner' down for what?

Sophie Turner: Brilliant actress, Joe Jonas's betrothed, and huge wine fan. And here we thought it was Cersei Lannister who was never seen without a glass in hand.

Sophie and her fiancé headed out to a New York Rangers hockey game at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday (March 19) looking to have a little fun. And fun was had, especially by Sophie. In fact, it looked like she was having the time of her life.

At one point during the game, Turner appeared on the Jumbotron. Instead of turning to kiss Joe, doing something hilarious, waving, or giving the people a huge grin, she did something amazing: She chugged her entire glass of red wine all the way down. Just call her Sophie, Queen of the Vine.

As soon as it happened, the footage was immortalized nearly instantaneously via social media, with Sophie herself posting it on both Instagram and Snapchat.

Of course, Turner fans around the world definitely felt some type of way about the display — rightfully so, because it was awesome.

It wasn't just fans who got a kick out of Turner's post, though. Even Drake was impressed as he posted a comment to the Instagram footage, calling her an "inspiration for 2020 and beyond." Vanessa Hudgens proclaimed the star "ammmmmmmazing. Show us the lie, though.

The Starks know how to "send it," indeed. Sophie Turner knows how to send us with her next-level wine consumption. Caring what others think about you while enjoying yourself with your amazing man by your side at a hockey game? Can't relate, TBH.

Honestly, this is more exciting than thinking about the fact that Game of Thrones Season 8 is finally here — almost. The final season begins on April 14. How will Sophie and the crew celebrate once the show comes to an end? We feel like there maaaaaay be some wine involved.