'It's My Fault:' Briana's Daughter Thinks She's To Blame For Her Dad's Teen Mom 2 Behavior

Find out what happened after Nova made the heartbreaking revelation

Devoin has been putting more effort into his relationship with daughter Nova on Teen Mom 2, but it still might not be enough. On this week’s installment, the little girl had a heartbreaking conversation with her mama Briana during which she blamed herself for her dad being in and out of her life.

It all began when the mother-daughter duo were in the car together, and Bri told her oldest daughter that Stella’s dad Luis was going to visit.

“Stella’s dad and my dad have the same problems,” Nova said. “Sometimes they say they’re going to come, and sometimes they don’t. It’s not really his fault -- it's my fault. I never really call him to see if he’s here.”

Of course, Briana told Nova that it is never her fault that Devoin isn’t always there for her, saying, "He’s your daddy -- he’s supposed to check up on you.” And later, she relayed the story to Roxanne, who had her own views on the topic.

“For us, yes, [Devoin being more present] is a huge improvement, but for her, it’s not still enough,” she said of what this means for her granddaughter.

And even though Nova told her mom she didn’t want her to bring the conversation up with her father, Briana couldn’t help herself and told her ex that he needs to sit down with their child and explain the situation. His reaction?

“I would assume she’s not happy with how things are because I’m not [happy],” he said. “I definitely don’t see her enough. It’s far from what I would like it to be, but she doesn’t understand that I don’t have a ride. I’ll talk to her about that.”

Do you think a sit-down conversation will help Nova better understand the situation? Tell us your thoughts, then keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Monday at 9/8c.