Carly Rae Jepsen Tells Us How Her Cat-Centric 'Now That I Found You' Video Came Together

And gives a very exciting album update

The first thing you'll likely notice about Carly Rae Jepsen's merrily idiosyncratic new video for "Now That I Found You" is that it's as much her video as it is her co-star's. And yes, her co-star in this particular clip is a cat. Specifically, he's an orange Scottish Fold who takes center stage as the object — and in a few pivotal, CGI-assisted scenes, objects (plural) — of her affection.

The bubbly track, which dropped late last month paired with the thundering bass-driven "No Drug Like Me," shines as a counterpoint to 2018's "Party For One," an anthem to self-love complete with a downright euphoric video. Here, Jepsen sings, "There's nothing like this feeling, baby / Now that I found you," and in the visual, the "you" just happens to be "the most adorable, fluffy, chillest cat ever," she told MTV News. It was all part of the plan.

"After 'Party For One' was such a message of 'you can have fun with yourself,' I was a little nervous about just going straight from that into 'but now that I found, everything's perfect!'" Jepsen said. "It doesn't have to mean a love story. It can mean a passion of sorts or a cat-lady obsession. Whatever you want."

"I still wanted the videos to represent real life in a weird way, and I'm not saying I have 100 cats and I sing to them," she continued, "but I will say that it felt like a proper progression from 'Party For One' that it's not just about a boy, but it's about a cat."

The feline in question, by the way, is Shrampton, who also appeared in Tegan and Sara's "Stop Desire" in 2016 and indeed had his own crafty table on set. With Jepsen in the vid, Shrampton has a proper blast, tripping out on some catnip ("a late-night idea" meant to evoke the wonderfully cosmic Cats on Synthesizers in Space account), getting immortalized in a painting, and even updating the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany's ending with a bit of a twist. The idea originally came from Jepsen herself, who had a new cat pal enter her life around the time she prepared to record the song's vocals.

"The lyrics were going through my head, and I woke up one morning and I saw the cat and I was still kind of not used to him being in my life," she said. "'Waking up next to you every morning' started playing in my head and I kind of laughed out loud. I was like, that's what I want this video to be about: just a cat-lady obsession."

As she shared in a recent throwback Instagram post with co-writers Captain Cuts and producer Ayokay, "Now That I Found You" has its roots in a songwriting camp Jepsen attended in Nicaragua, where attendees stayed in cabanas with built-in studios and could record after mind-clearing surf breaks. Its companion tune, "No Drug Like Me," meanwhile, got assembled "in the later eve of a session," inspired by a new love Jepsen was experiencing at the time.

These, along with "Party For One," are among the hundreds of recorded songs Jepsen's been working diligently to whittle down to what will become a practical tracklist for her fourth album, due out later in 2019. "If by the end of this year there's no album out, something went horribly wrong," she said. This is surely literal music to the ears of fans who've had "Cut to the Feeling" on repeat since 2017, thinking it was the first taste of #CRJ4. But in the four years since her last LP, 2015's EMOTION, she's been hard at work — writing, recording, and writing some more to try to top herself. "That energy kind of propels me forward to keep trying to beat what I already have [written]," Jepsen said.

Until then, she's enlisting some help to compile the final version of the album. She organized a listening party for her bandmates and team members, complete with wine and food, where everyone can weigh in and dance to their legs give out to what she's got lined up so far. Picture a Super Bowl party, but instead of watching dudes crunching each other in a stadium (or a shirtless, meme-ready Adam Levine), everyone's just grooving out to new Carly Rae Jepsen music. Surely there's no drug like it.

You might not get an invite to that party (sorry), but in the meantime, you can watch the "Now That I Found You" video above, and catch it today (March 14) on mtvU and MTV Live. If you watch closely, you might even catch Jepsen's "meow"-branded workout clothes that she had bedazzled specifically for this clip. "It definitely makes the shoot day a lot more enjoyable when it feels like it's a baby that you've kind of birthed and been a part of making," she said.