Selena Gomez And J Balvin's 'I Can't Get Enough' Video Is A One-Shot Optical Illusion

Honey, I shrunk the pop stars!

For her first music video appearance of 2019, Selena Gomez gets miniature for a star-studded slumber party with J Balvin, Benny Blanco, and Tainy.

The foursome recently joined forces for the poppy Latin-trap earworm "I Can't Get Enough," which now comes with a creative one-shot video. The collab itself is a seductive and steamy affair, but the foursome keep it light and fun in the accompanying, sleepover-themed visual. Directed by Jake Schreier, it opens on Sel wearing silk pajamas and waking up in a giant bed (if only we could all look that glam in the morning!). She skips the coffee and instead kickstarts her day by dancing and jumping around on the cloud-like mattress with Balvin, Tainy, and Blanco, who's dressed as a fluffy teddy bear.

The only question is: Are Selena and company actually shrunken down? Or are they normal-sized and their bedroom surroundings are super-sized? Is this all some sort of optical illusion? Watch below and decide for yourself.

In a tweet, Gomez wrote of the video, "Can't believe we pulled it off in one take- even if I did fall once or twice trying."

Tainy added in a press release, "On the video, we wanted to do something that felt special, iconic, but at the same time fun and just natural, nothing forced. I'm 100% sure we nailed it. From talking about the idea and then being on set, it was mind-blowing."