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Booksmart Looks Like The High School Joyride You Were Too Scared To Take

High school was never this cool

Skip all your high school parties to focus on your studies instead? Feel like you missed out on all the shenanigans your peers did because of it? Then Olivia Wilde's directorial debut Booksmart is for you.

It's a love letter to every student who opted to study late at the library instead of hitting up ridiculous parties and running around town with friends. So, yeah, it's for you, nerds:

Booksmart looks like a hilarious take on the party-centric teen movie that's been done time and time again, following two teens, Molly (Beanie Feldstein) and Amy (Kaitlyn Dever), as they work to fit every high school partying experience they missed into one potentially disastrous night.

The trailer opens with a slow pan over Molly's room, which is littered with signs that she's a feminist and ardent student. She's even got a tribute to RBG in there! "Good morning, winner. Take a deep breath. Visualize the mountain of success and look down on anyone who's ever doubted you," proclaims a self-help tape she's listening to. And then things get gritty.

"Fuck those losers. Fuck them in their stupid fucking faces," the voice proclaims as Molly pops her retainer in. It's go time. And this trailer isn't pulling any punches.

The clip features the two dancing in the street for a few minutes before jetting off to school for their last day, about to get into some of the most trouble they've ever seen in their entire high school careers.

It's littered with some particularly hilarious moments. Amy is crushing hard on another student, and Molly urges her to go talk to her.

"Amy, do you know how many girls are gonna be up your vagina next year?" she asks. "Every time I come and visit you, you're gonna be scissoring a different girl."

The pair decide that they need to convince their friends that they're "fun," because they spent their entire high school lives studying instead of going out and partying in a bid to get into good colleges. Lame, right? There's just one problem: The "irresponsible" people got into good schools, too. So as far as these two BFFs are concerned, they've got to make sure everyone knows they're just as "cool" and "wild" as the rest of their graduating class.

They get into a whole host of hilarious hijinks, including what looks like robbing a taxi driver, crashing a series of parties, and being driven off in a squad car. There's also a joke at the end of the trailer where Molly's convinced Amy to pretend they're dating and about to express their love for one another as they're apparently stuck together somehow (presumably handcuffed).

Starring a whole host of hilarious faces like Billie Lourd, Jessica Williams, Will Forte, Lisa Kudrow, and Jason Sudeikis, Booksmart has the potential to be one of the funniest movies of the summer.

The movie premiered at SXSW 2019 to thunderously positive reviews, and it's scheduled for release in theaters worldwide on May 24, 2019. That's just in time for graduating seniors to catch it and potentially lament on their dangerously dull high school lives.

You might end up getting some major FOMO from the flick if you spent your high school days studying too, but Amy and Molly will make sure they make up for everything you didn't do in school. Trust.