Will Leah Officially Move In With Her Teen Mom 2 Beau?

She's already living with Jason -- but says it 'just kind of happened'

Leah has said that her relationship with boyfriend Jason is “different” than it was with her exes -- and now it’s getting pretty serious too. On tonight's Teen Mom 2 installment, Leah revealed that she and her daughters moved into Jason’s house with him -- but not officially.

Why? Leah and her mini-mes relocated since their house was getting repaired after a flood. And though the mom of three insisted this wasn’t a full cohabitating situation, even her offspring weren’t convinced.

“We live at Jason’s house,” Aleeah said on their way to pick up some belongings from their home.

“We’ve been at Jason’s house for…” Ali chimed in, before Leah clarified that they’re just “staying there.”

Later, while shopping for the twins’ birthday party decorations—and yes, Leah’s new roommate was helping her plan the party—Leah’s sister Victoria asked if the move was official. Leah said no but that she was happy about the living arrangements.

“We’ve been staying there after the flood thing,” she said. “It’s been nice; it’s been fun. We like staying with each other. We didn’t plan it -- it just kind of happened. Who knows what the future holds?”

We’d say the future is looking bright -- but what do you think of Leah and her girls living with Jason? And will they make the arrangement official? Share your thoughts, then keep watching Teen Mom 2 Mondays at 9/8c for more.