Breakups & Makeups: How Siesta Key's Leading Couples Closed Out The Summer

Did Bradisson reconcile?

It wouldn't be a proper summer in Siesta Key if it didn't wrap up with a themed beach-side bash, a little booze and a lot a side of relationship drama.

Tonight's finale featured Cara's blue party and both a makeup and a breakup for two key couples (pun obvi intended). Oh, and not to mention a little much-needed clarity for the new girl's own relationship. Let's start with the bad, so we can end on a good note.

  • Alex & Juliette

    Sarasota's golden couple is finally finito. After news broke that Alex was texting his ex and making out with randoms while simultaneously trying to mend things with Juliette, all hell broke loose. While Pauly defended his cousin only to wind up with a face full of blue booze, everyone else (especially Chloe) tried to get Jules to see the light once and for all. And ultimately, she did. "I don't trust you. What happened really hurt me, and I just need to continue on with my life," she told Alex. "We should probably not see each other for a long time." As for the eldest Kompo? No hugs, no tears, just an anticlimactic, "See ya."

  • Garrett & Cara

    We originally weren't so sure about Siesta Key's newest twosome, but it appears that Garrett and Cara are (maybe?) holding strong. After it almost seemed that Kelsey (aka "Spongebob Squarepants ugly-ass b*tch with her fake lip injections" -- Cara's words) was getting between the pair, they soon exchanged I-love-yous and a kiss. No matter that their relationship is about to turn long distance as Cara jets off to Italy and Garrett embarks on a personal training tour.

  • Brandon & Madisson

    In the non-shocker of the summer, Brandon and Madisson rekindled their romance after the latter turned down Jared's persistent advances. While she "can't unforget" BG's previous indiscretion, her feelings for the aspiring musician and his man bun remain, so they sealed it with a kiss.

What did you think of the Siesta Key finale? Comment with your thoughts -- and check out a major relationship update about one of the couple's below.