Going The Distance: What Does Jenna Think She Needs To Reach A Challenge Final Again?

The competitor hasn't hit the mark since 'Rivals III'

Jenna began her Challenge career on a hot tear and advanced to three straight finals (Battle of the Exes 2 with former boyfriend Jay, Battle of the Bloodlines with cousin Brianna and Rivals III with foe Vince). But unfortunately for the Real World vet, the streak has ended -- and she is 0-4 with her past four appearances (Invasion of the Champions, Dirty 30, Final Reckoning and now War of the Worlds).

So what does Jenna -- who went home with her Prospect teammate Gus after they were defeated by Bear/Da'Vonne during tonight's episode -- think it will take to reach that coveted game position?

"I think I need a really smart partner, because I think a lot of them come down to puzzles," she told MTV News. "I came in the top three with Gus in the endurance challenges, but then it would be, 'Okay, now solve this puzzle.' And we needed double the time -- it was like the blind leading the blind. But I really thought I was going to make it to this final because Gus was one of my best partners I've ever had. We worked really well together."

The two even still stay in touch, said Jenna, who added that the Floribama export is "super sweet."

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