Ex on the Beach Finale: Who Rekindled Their Romances -- And Who Didn't?

Throw in a lie detector, and that was one helluva ending

Eleven single reality stars hit the beach looking for a special someone -- and they found their exes lurching in the waves. And during tonight's Ex on the Beach Season 2 finale, the group members and their former flames left purgatory paradise and attended one final Cut or Crush Ceremony. Necklaces (instead of chips) were up for grabs!

While some didn't find love (like Farrah and Corey, who opted to crush themselves) others left with a new amour or rekindled romance -- and some interesting results from a lie detector test to ponder their futures.

See how a bunch of couples bid this relationsh*t show farewell -- and to see if any of them are still together, check out Part 1 of the Ex on the Beach reunion on Thursday at 8/7c!

  • The Big Brother alum confessed he has loved Rob for "many, many years" -- and the two sealed their future with a sweet kiss.

  • Even though the lie detector test concluded Morgan wasn't over her ex Corey or in love with her boyfriend Jay (yes, Morgan and Jay became official), the Big Brother vet declared she was "confident" in her bond with the Survivor competitor. Off to the photobooth they go (or maybe not).

  • What Happens at The Abbey star Murray had an inconclusive result around his "yes" answer to whether or not he wanted the Fire Island cast member to be his boyfriend outside of the house. Another inconclusive response: being in love with Cheyenne. We see some stomping up the stairs in the future...

  • The Season 1 EOTB alum fell for her "perfect" Final Reckoning co-star -- but she had a kinipsh*t when the polygraph found Nelson to be dishonest after he answered he was not with her out of convenience (translation: he might be). The last visual of these two was by the bathroom: Angela crying hysterically inside and Nelson trying to get in (but her telling him to go the "f*ck away").

  • While the bad girl was pissed that he kissed Nurys, she overlooked his "hoe-ish behavior."

  • The Are You the One? contestant vowed to be faithful to the Catching Kelce catch (even though his lie detector result said he, well, wouldn't.) Maya, be warned!

  • Nicole and Chad

    No real surprise here: The Challenger and "Chaddy Daddy" left Malibu together and were saying "I love you." His bachelor status is all but a memory, and kids may be in the future as well (her answer about wanting babies with him was truthful).