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Why Mischa Barton Feels Like She Was On The Original Hills

Even though the new cast member hadn't seen the iconic MTV series

The Hills was inspired by the smash hit The O.C. -- and Mischa Barton now has a special connection to both small-screen successes. And even though the actress (who played Marissa Cooper on the FOX program) had never appeared on the original MTV program, the New Beginnings addition feels "in a weird way" that she has already shared the camera with the iconic Hollywood group.

"I was on The Hills, even though I’d never seen it," Mischa reveals in a wide-ranging Vogue interview (which also features other female stars of the upcoming reboot). "My whole life was publicized in a fake way, and everything about me was made up while I was on The O.C., which ran simultaneously with The Hills."

"[The Hills] was the reality version of The O.C., and everyone was so obsessed with it," she reflects. "I remember Nicole Richie was really into them, and she would pull me over into a parking lot and be like, ‘They’re filming The Hills in there -- we have to go see!’ They were the OG reality TV stars.”

Meanwhile, one of Mischa's brand-new cast mates has a slightly different assessment.

"Mischa's actually the OG Hills," Stephanie Pratt states to the mag, adding that it's "the most random thing ever" because of The O.C/Hills correlation.

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