'We Will Be Making Out': Hunter Got Flirtatious With A Challenge Competitor

The newbie may not be in the game anymore, but she had some fun before being ousted

Julia may not be in this war of the worlds any longer (the Big Brother alum and her partner CT were recently taken out by Kyle and Mattie), but her Challenge experience wasn't without a bit of chemistry with a fellow competitor. Rookie rite of passage!

"I think we have something special, I do," Hunter tells Julia in the bonus clip above. "We will be making out." Definite foreshadowing.

While she laughed in the moment, what was her take during a solo interview?

"I'm getting to know Hunter, and he seems like a really nice, genuine guy," the identical twin declares. "He's also super handsome."

So did the two act on said "flirtatious behavior" (his words)? And what were their fellow housemates' reactions to the duo's forward convo? Watch the clip to see more, and do not miss The Challenge: War of the Worlds on Wednesday at 9/8c.