Husband To Wife: How Did The Hills Men Prepare Their Partners For New Beginnings?

When the MTV reboot debuts, Brody Jenner, Frankie Delgado and Jason Wahler will be joined by their spouses

Brody Jenner, Frankie Delgado and Jason Wahler may have been single when The Hills first aired, but the three MTV gents will be joined by their wives -- Kaitlynn, Jennifer and Ashley, respectively -- when the hit series returns to MTV.

Before the betrothed pairs chronicle their new beginnings, did the husbands prepare their wives to release their inhibitions for this unique televised experience?

"Ashley is a very strong individual, and she's actually been around the entertainment industry for quite some time," Laguna Beach alum Jason revealed to MTV News about his partner. "But I told her the biggest thing for her is to just be herself, be transparent, be authentic and don't buy into any BS."

Ashley took her love's advice, and one piece really resonated throughout the experience.

"Jason warned me to not trust everybody," Ashley explained. "He said everyone might seem nice in the beginning, but nobody can honestly really have your back except for your family. I think that was a really good tip to just not get too emotionally involved with everybody."

On the opposite end, Kaitlynn admitted Brody didn't give her much guidance.

"I think it's because he trusts me to be able to handle myself," she said. "I have been in front of the camera because I've worked in fashion, and I've had to shoot things here and there. He kind of let me do my thing. My philosophy was to be myself."

Lastly, Frankie took Brody's approach with his wifey -- but looking back, Jenn would have preferred her man took a different approach.

"I wish he gave me more of a heads-up about everything, because you get into a lot of sticky situations sometimes with some drama and 'he said, she said,'" the mom of two stated. "I think I caught myself in it. I've also never been in front of cameras before!"

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