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A Star Is Born Returns To Theaters For An Encore With A New Song

It's music to our eyes

The Academy Award-nominated film A Star Is Born is returning to theaters for a one-week engagement with new footage, extended songs, and an previously unreleased track.

Following Lady Gaga's Best Original Song Oscar win on Sunday (February 24), Warner Bros. is debuting a new "encore" version of the film with 12 minutes of new footage, including a few extended versions of songs already in the film and one brand new track.

The beginning of the movie will now feature a full performance of "Black Eyes," the rousing country rock jam performed by Bradley Cooper as character Jackson Maine, and the full version of "Alibi," which you can hear before Gaga's character Ally joins Cooper's Maine on stage for the first time.

Lady Gaga will serenade us with an a cappella version of "Shallow" as well as new footage of "Is That Alright," as sung by Ally to Jack during their makeshift wedding. Jack will also get a chance to shine later on in the studio as he sings "Too Far Gone."

As far as the new track? It's called "Clover," and it's another Gaga and Cooper duet, which can be heard in the new preview clip above.

"That's really good. I love that," says Ally to Jack before pushing a strand of hair out of his face and then harmonizing with her musician boyfriend.

“Time goes by / I’ll keep winning, keep losing until I die / Rain falls down / And I’ll catch every drop this time around," Maine croons. It's definitely another gushy moment (the movie has a lot of those) but it's also another song to add to the movie's repeat-worthy soundtrack, too.

The film will return to over 1,150 screens across North America on Friday, March 1. It's great news for Gaga fans, sure. But now we have to rush to theaters again to see all the new footage. Why did you do that, do that, do that to us, A Star Is Born?

So, uh, when can we expect that extended cut 4K Blu-ray release?