Watch Jennifer Lawrence Break Down How America's Political System Has Failed

"The government is ours. We pay for it, so it needs to work for us, and right now, it doesn’t.”

By Lauren Rearick

Jennifer Lawrence believes the current state of the United States government is broken, and she wants you to help hold politicians accountable so that they fix it.

The actor and political activist has teamed up with RepresentUs — a nonprofit organization working to end corruption in government — to star in a short film titled “Unbreaking America: Solving the Corruption Crisis.” The clip, which MTV News is premiering today, explains why Lawrence, a RepresentUs board member, believes that America is “facing a total political system failure.”

In the film, Lawrence and RepresentUs’s director Josh Silver explore how America’s continued unhappiness with government has nothing to do with an individual’s political party affiliation. “I know it’s hard to talk about politics these days,” the actor says. “But look, the government is ours. We pay for it, so it needs to work for us, and right now, it doesn’t.”

As she points out, current politicians spend much of their time in office raising money to fund their political campaigns. And with special interest groups and billionaires providing substantial financial support to members of federal government, RepresentUs believes that politicians are frequently swayed to vote in favor of those providing the majority of funds.

For the video, Lawrence explains that when government is looking out for the interest of billionaires and special interest groups, the needs of the average American voter are going ignored. “It’s affecting nearly every other issue Americans care about, from the economy to the debt; healthcare to education,” she says.

So what can we do to make changes and demand that our voices are heard? RepresentUs and Lawrence believe the answer begins with you, so they’re calling on American people to support the passage of the American Anti-Corruption Act. It’s the hope of RepresentUs that if their movement secures enough support at local and state levels, that changes could then take place on a federal level.

As Lawrence explained, “We believe the government should work for every American” – not just the ones with deep enough pockets.