(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Rami Malek Is OK After He Fell Offstage At The Oscars

He held onto his Best Actor award for dear life

Rami Malek's huge night at the 2019 Academy Awards limped to a painful-looking conclusion when he toppled offstage near the end of the night. He may have won the Oscar for Best Actor for his performance as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, but the universe didn't offer its cosmic embrace to break his later fall. At least everything is now cool; People reports he was treated by paramedics shortly after but walked away without any lingering injuries.

Impressively, Malek managed to hold onto his newly received trophy even through the tumble. Not even gravity would separate him and his achievement of becoming the first actor of Arab heritage to win Best Actor. He looked surprised by what happened while sitting on the ground, as would we all if we were quickly thrust into the air, before being helped to his feet by those around him.

Backstage, he didn't address the incident, and his reps didn't respond to People's request to comment, but that's likely because the fall is the smallest part of not just Malek's night, but his story. He also won Best Actor trophies at the BAFTA Awards, Critics Choice Awards, SAG Awards, and the Golden Globes.

Accepting his statue, he shouted out his immigrant parents as well as his girlfriend, co-star Lucy Boynton. "I am the son of immigrants from Egypt," he said. "I'm a first-generation American." Relive his glory below.