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The Oscars Don't Have A Host, But Anne Hathaway Reminds Us That It's 'Been Worse'

2011 was a different time, you know?

Hey, did you hear that the 2019 Oscars opted to not have a host this year, for the first time in three decades? Totally fine if you missed that discourse. It was a very small story, all things considered. You may not have followed it. (But we did! Check our exhaustive guide to get caught up on the entire saga.)

Anne Hathaway did, though. As a former Oscars host herself, she had good reason to. And while there might be a bit of trepidation about what a hostless show will actually look like, Hathaway offered a piece of comforting advice to the Academy earlier on Sunday (February 24) before the show kicked off.

"No matter what happens with today's show, just remember, it's already been worse," she wrote to accompany a photo of her and James Franco hosting in 2011. "Happy Oscars!"

Hathaway and Franco's hosting gig found a chilly reception from critics (and tweeters), with particular emphasis placed on Franco. People wondered if he was stoned, terribly bored, or maybe just suffering from performance anxiety. And as IndieWire points out, there were some, shall we say, less than eloquent punchlines: "It's been a great year for lesbians – not just in general, but in movies!"

Hathaway, for her part, revealed recently that she initially turned it down, only to be convinced by Franco to do it after all. But that was then. This is now. This is, as Hathaway exclaimed ebulliently to begin her monologue with Franco, "Hollywood's biggest night!" And it'll be fine, probably. After all, it's already been worse.