How To Have The Most Epic, Floribama-Flavored Spring Break Ever

First order of business: Get those chi chis up

Chi chis up, y'all -- spring break is upon us!

The highly anticipated week is prime time to swap the books for bars, the working for twerking and any perceived responsibility for running rampant through a stunning beach town. If we're being honest, that kind of sounds like your typical summer on Floribama Shore — minus the redneck brawls and makeout sessions with middle-aged women.

Want to ensure a truly dab-tastic, Floribama-esque spring break? Read on, and let these be the last notes you take for a solid week. And be sure to tune in to MTV and visit this week to catch performances by Tyga, Rae Sremmurd, Zara Larsson, City Girls and Lil Baby.

  • Get your streak on.

    We're going streaking through the quad -- bring your green hat! Old School references aside, make like Codi and Nilsa and let your freak flag chi chis and bare ass cheeks fly. Just don't do it in public because of indecent exposure and all.

  • Twerk, twerk, and then twerk some more.

    Be it on a beachside bar or onstage during a twerking contest à la Aimee, Nilsa and Kortni, spring break is probably one of the few times twerking is truly celebrated. Bonus points if you wear your American flag Speedo (but leave the dad dance moves at home. Sorry, Jeremiah.)

  • Stir the pot every chance you get.

    Go ahead and cause a little friendly mischief among your circle of friends -- like snuggling up to your friend's crush (hey, Kortni!) or spilling the beans about a private conversation (ahem, Codi). Just be prepared to face the inevitable consequences.

  • Find someone to hunch (or just make out with).

    If you're single, there's no harm in mingling! But if you're going to hunch, be smart about it. Play it safe, and take caution if entering friends-with-benefits territory. Otherwise, your spring fling could get rather, er, complicated. (We're looking at you, Gus and Nilsa!)

  • Stand by your friends.

    Spring break wouldn't be half as fun without your bros (or your "Edible Cookie Posse"), so put in some quality time with your crew either at the club or over an intimate low-country boil. Just make sure no one gets in trouble with the law or starts peeing where they shouldn't. This will ensure that everyone survives the week with their permament records and dignity intact.