(Matthew Simmons/Getty Images for NAMM)

John Mayer Is In His Feelings On Downright Sad New Song 'I Guess I Just Feel Like'

Break out the pasta and ice cream coping kits

John Mayer's tender nature is on full display on his somber new single, "I Guess I Just Feel Like." He first performed the record in October, as a tease, at the iHeartReadio Theater in Burbank, California. Fans clamoring for the release of the tune are now finally able to get their hands (or should I say ears?) on it and it turns out that this stirring number was worth the additional four-month wait.

On his latest track, Mayer blends his silky voice with guitars for a sullen ode to shady people. He comes across as a pessimist and worrywart, spilling thoughts about the world from a negative point of view. "I guess I just feel like / Nobody's honest, nobody's true / Everyone's lying to make it on through," he sings with his bottom lip poking out. He was probably eating a gigantic tub of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia while recording. (It would be only fitting, after all.)

Last year, Mayer released "New Light" and an accompanying video that screams #premiumcontent. His last studio album, The Search for Everything, came out in 2017. If you want to see him perform some of his recent material live, you're in luck; Mayer begins a world tour in March.

Listen to the smooth yet gloomy tune up above.