Khalid And Kane Brown Have Permanent Sad Faces In 'Saturday Nights (Remix)' Video

The dangers of hanging out on a cliff are overtaken by how cool it looks

Khalid and Kane Brown are two respective young titans of their music genres – R&B and country, respectively. Their voices seem like they'd be foreign to the bodies that they come out of, with their thick, booming basses normally associated with artists more than three times their ages. This week, the pair released a video for "Saturday Nights (Remix)" and it captures their grand, yet intimate, vocals that power the accompanying soothing scenery.

On a cliff outside of a city, Khalid sings in front of a sashaying fire; the serenity of the scene is set. The song's smooth group of guitars soundtrack the softness of the atmosphere. Brown eases into the track in sporadic bursts, offering a supporting, grittier voice that teases his solo music's grassroots appeal. The nighttime sky transitions to the pinks of morning as the pair sing about the secrets they know about a partner. It's a peaceful scene that transfixes with its slow camera movements and extended time devoted to the singers' facial expressions. (Spoiler alert: They're glum. Very glum.)

The original version of "Saturday Nights" appears on Khalid's 2018 EP Suncity. In November, Brown tweeted lyrics from the song, clearly feeling it. A week before the January release of the remix, the country singer tweeted a video of him singing the song.

If you're feeling this, there's good news. Khalid recently revealed on Twitter that his new album is coming in April. A couple of weeks ago, he released the upcoming LP's adorable first single, "Talk."

Check out the smooth video above.