Ex On The Beach Sneak Peek: How Does Angela React When Her Former Flame Arrives?

Hint: Girlfriend's not happy

Angela memorably declared "that's my f*cking ex" during Season 1 of Ex on the Beach. Now, the bad girl could very well utter those identical words again.

In a sneak peek of next week's episode, the narrator reveals "Angela's worst nightmare is about to become her reality" as Ang sits with Cheyenne and Nurys. And let's just say her reaction to the arrival isn't great -- in fact, Cheyenne has to hold her back from charging at the mystery man.

A reminder: This is how she spoke to her former flame Derrick H back in the day:

And this is the initial moment when she saw this ex:

Could it be a repeat cameo by Mr. Chocolate? Or is it her Season 1 boo Tor'i? Then again, she did hook up with Johnny Bananas on Final Reckoning (just sayin'). Don't miss Ex on the Beach at 8/7c to see Angela's Malibu ordeal play out!