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The Results Are In: Captain Marvel And Her Cat Soar — And 'Thanos Is Fucked'

Higher, further, faster

Captain Marvel is about to take flight.

The explosive new comic book flick starring Brie Larson as superpowered heroine Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel is Marvel Studios' first female-led superhero movie, and it's set to debut on theaters across the United States on March 8. But you don't have to wait until then to see what critics think about the movie.

Captain Marvel takes place in 1995, following a former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot who joins an elite alien military team called Starforce, eventually transforming into one of the "galaxy's mightiest heroes." After her DNA is accidentally fused with that of an alien race called the Kree, she's empowered with superhuman strength, the ability to fly, and devastating energy powers.

Early reactions from members of the press have begun to surface online, and the verdict? Overwhelmingly positive praise for the 21st film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and gold stars for heroine Brie Larson, Ben Mendelsohn's performance as the villainous Talos, and Captain Marvel's adorable, scene-stealing pet cat named Goose. People really love Goose.

Bite-sized impressions from professional moviegoers on Twitter reveal some pretty interesting things about the movie, like the fact that it features a Nirvana song (specifically, "Come As You Are," natch), said Uproxx's Mike Ryan. It's also a "cosmic space movie," an idea we can totally get behind.

Fandango's Erik Davis called the movie "retro and trippy," specifically mentioning its "great '90s sci-fi vibe." Does Carol shop at dELiA*s? We can only hope.

Entertainment Tonight's Ash Crossan also praised the film's '90s vibe, calling Carol the "stubborn witty 90s kid I like to think I am."

Entertainment Weekly's Devan Coggan praised the film overall, noting it's "pure joy" and extolling the importance of little girls having a hero like Carol Danvers to look up to. Talk about a positive female role model! And, kicking off a series of pro-cat tweets about Danvers' alien pet in the film, she mentioned she'd die for little Goose.

People can't get enough of Goose, and honestly maybe she should have gotten top billing, as much as she's been mentioned throughout these reactions.

Goose spinoff confirmed? We hope so.

But there's more to love about the movie than just its cat-centric moments, it seems. Den of Geek's Kayti Burt had good news about Carol's "hero moment," calling it "cathartic/true to the female experience." Also, cat people will "love" the movie. So we've heard!

The Wrap's Umberto Gonzalez had a succinct, positive take, exclaiming the flick "ABSOLUTELY SOARS!" with some seriously exciting all-caps praise.

There's even a touching tribute to Stan Lee at the beginning of the film that's sure to resonate with fans.

And for those looking for any and all information on how Captain Marvel will fit into the plot of Avengers: Endgame, well, Mashable's Angie J. Han kept her tease short and to the point:

We've still got a little while left before we can sink our teeth into Marvel's latest, but these early reviews have us itching to take to the skies with Carol. We can't wait to see what she brings to the table next month.

In the meantime, time to start getting caught up on her comic run.