Challenge Shift: Was Zach Surprised By Cara's War Of The Worlds Vote?

Once upon a time, they were allies -- but that's all changed

Tension-filled trios are usually characterized as love triangles -- but the relationship between Cara, Zach and Kyle is anything but romantic. And during tonight's episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds, Cara turned on Zach because of his bond with Kyle -- and her power move in the Tribunal ultimately cost the Battle of the Seasons winner his shot at a second title.

Shortly after Kyle/Mattie sent CT/Julia and Natalie/JP packing in a double elimination, Cara overheard Kyle and Zach joke about Cara's reaction to the outcome and how it was a "win for the kids back home." The next day, Cara got her vengeance: She and Theo landed in the Tribunal after a top three performance in Tired Out -- and since Kyle was off-limits because of the Relic (immunity following a W), Cara decided that she would target her next best threat.

"You're best friends with the guy who treated me like sh*t and defending him," Cara spat at Zach (and his teammate Zahida) before the Killing Room vote.

"It's not all about you, Cara," Zach responded.

But, unfortunately for Zach, it was all about her. Cara, along with Paulie and his partner Ninja Natalie, sent in Zach and Zahida -- and they were bested by Wes and Dee. And looking back, Zach wasn't exactly surprised by Cara's move -- even considering their past friendship.

"Cara is like a parasite -- it’s not a symbiotic relationship," the Real World alum recently told MTV News. "If you roll through the tapes of Vendettas, you will see that Tony and I basically kept her safe the entire game. And then she did re-pay me back at the end with a couple of votes. That’s what happens when you protect someone – I protected Kailah, I protected Cara the whole game. They’re bound to have your back. If you look at the history between Cara and me, who has been in power in more of the games we’ve been together? I know she’s done great in certain games, but if I’m there, I hold the power."

He continued: "Now, she found herself in an alliance completely protected and knows that she’s going to have to cut a friend at some point either way. I am friends with Kyle -- that was what gave her the vote on me. I said [to her], ‘Hey, stop sh*t-talking Kyle to me. He’s my friend.’ I said, ‘If this is how much you care about Kyle, you must still care about him.’ And that didn’t go over well, and she just needed an excuse to vote for me because she held more power in this game."

Whose side are you on: Cara's or Zach's? And will Cara actually be able to oust Kyle? Give your take, and keep watching War of the Worlds on Wednesdays at 9/8c.