Could Paulie And Kyle Ever Be Challenge Chums?

The competitors had several 'war'-like clashes during tonight's episode

Paulie's "f*cking nightmare" will continue on War of the Worlds, because his Challenge nemesis (and his girlfriend Cara Maria's ex) Kyle is still in the game. But it stings more than that: After securing a spot in the Tribunal with Ninja Natalie, the Big Brother alum put the U.K. export in a double elimination against CT/Julia and Natalie/JP -- and Kyle and his partner Mattie Lynn emerged as the winners.

"The first person I look at is Paulie up there," the Geordie Shore vet revealed after his big victory on tonight's episode. "If he wants to take me out, come and do it yourself."

Well, Paulie did say he wanted to face Kyle (if their girl teammates weren't a part of it) in the Killing Room, but that's another story...

Now, Paulie and Kyle are still in this cutthroat environment together -- and their interactions up to this point have been, well, heated. But if Cara and Kyle didn't have a history (and a not-so-great breakup), does Paulie think he could be buddies with the Vendettas bronze medalist?

"I don't think I would be friends with him," he said. "Everything that comes out of the guy's mouth is a lie, and he's a weasel. I don't like aligning myself with weasels; I don't let them run in my circle or my everyday life. He'll sell his mother's soul in order to make it farther in this game or in life, and that's not somebody I have respect for."

For now, they're going to have to duke it out in the Challenge arena. Who do you think has the upper hand? Sound off, then keep watching War of the Worlds on Wednesdays at 9/8c.