Katy Perry And Zedd Basically Star In Their Own Black Mirror Ep In Freaky '365' Video

Happy Valentine's Day!

Two years ago, Katy Perry's "Bon Appetit" video turned the pop star into an actual banquet of food feasted upon by hungry (and presumably wealthy) onlookers. That era of "purposeful pop" might be behind her, but in her latest video for "365" with Zedd, Perry once again finds herself the center of attention — only this time, she's an android.

As scientists work to transform her A.I. shell into Stepford-wife perfect, Perry sings about falling too hard into something that might just be meant as a fling. You might not even notice what the song's "about" at first though, because — I can't stress this enough — Katy Perry plays a frightening robotic 1950s housewife. And Zedd is her human test subject.

When she's not being a Fifth Element-ized Betty Draper in the dining room, an androgynous Perry delivers the song in a vividly dark-red lab room rocking a look reminiscent of known Ghostbusters foe Gozer the Gozerian (with a touch of Max Headroom). But with her subtle tweaks and twitches, she's even more unsettling in her humanlike form.

Because there's a robot involved — much like in Kehlani's latest clip for "Nights Like This" — there's obviously a twist, but you'll have to watch for yourself to find out what it is. Perry promoted "365" on her social accounts with a poster that makes it look like a terrifying dystopian sci-fi horror movie, and hey, maybe it is. And maybe there's even more where it came from?

Check out all the madness above and try to answer the query posed in the video's prologue: "Define love." Happy Valentine's Day!