Justin and Hailey Bieber Could Go The Newlyweds Reality TV Route

Are Mr. and Mrs. Bieber future reality TV stars?

Newlyweds Justin and Hailey Bieber are in the throes of wedded bliss. What better way to share it with the world than with a reality show?

According to RadarOnline, sources indicate that Mr. and Mrs. Bieber are in the "early stages" of developing a reality show about their "new life together." Apparently, the pair are looking into a format "similar to Newlyweds" — which, if that's true, we're totally here for.

Do you remember the sordid married lives of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey? We may not get a "chicken of the sea" moment from Hailey, but there are sure to be some hilarious and relatable moments sprinkled throughout a show centering around the Biebers.

“Justin is excited for his fans to get to know his beautiful wife better through the process," the source indicated.

If this report ends up coming to fruition, fans will have a lot to look forward to. The pair have a larger wedding celebration to expand on their modest courthouse union back in September 2018, and we'd absolutely love a peek at the event and all the prep leading up to it. That, and the way the pair work through their individual problems and rough patches as a couple. Because, as it turns out, marriage is "really effing hard," according to Hailey in a cover story for the March 2019 issue of Vogue.

Relationships are certainly no walk in the park, and with the added stress of a reality TV show added into the mix, it could fuel additional With Justin leaning on Hailey and friends to get through a bout with depression, sharing his struggles and the everyday trials and tribulations of marriage may be just the thing to help his fans learn about the singer – and dealing with similar issues themselves.

There's no official announcement from the couple just yet, but best believe we're ready to see Justin and Hailey take over reality TV. We say it's high time we were able to start Keeping Up with the Biebers.