Challenge Champ Cara Maria Is Basically Dating Khal Drogo

See a sneak peek of the 'War of the Worlds' competitor on MTV's new 'Game of Clones'

Cara Maria has seen and done many things on MTV, courtesy of The Challenge. But the War of the Worlds competitor is about to enter uncharted territory via a brand-new game of clones.

"This is like my first double date," the Fresh Meat alum reveals in a sneak peek of the upcoming show (premiering one week from today), which finds MTV stars looking for their one and clone-ly by dating seven lookalikes of their celebrity crush. "Usually I get to pay attention to one, but now I'm looking at twins," she tells two guys who seem to resemble Khal Drogo (from an entirely different show with the word game).

But Cara isn't the only Challenger to try to find love in this unconventional way (aka spending QT with a bunch of versions of your dream guy/gal). What is a deal-breaker for Killa Kam? And how does Leroy react to his ladies? Watch the video above to see more, and do not miss the premiere of Game of Clones on Thursday at 9/8c.