Shrill Shows Aidy Bryant Finding Her Way In A Fat-Phobic World

Stay (body) positive, queen

Saturday Night Live's Aidy Bryant is finally starring in her own TV series, and we couldn't be more grateful.

We got our first look at the upcoming Hulu original series Shrill, based on the book Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman by Lindy West, and it looks exactly like the role we've been waiting for Bryant to totally own for a while.

In the opening moments of the trailer, Bryant, as Annie, is at the pharmacy grabbing a Diet Coke, gum, lotion, shoelaces, and, oh yeah, the morning after pill. When the pharmacist shouts to a worker in the back to see if it's in stock, thus shares her business with anyone with ears, Annie rethinks her decision. Yeah, we felt that.

Annie is shown really going through it in this trailer. For example: She's having trouble being heard at work too, though, even when she tries to lift her voice and be heard. "I know I'm just an assistant calendar editor, but I would really love to write more, and—" Annie begins, before she's interrupted and dismissed.

And then there's the fact that her man asks her to leave through the backdoor when his roommates arrive. Um, what?

Ultimately, Annie travels down a new path for herself, one where she realizes she's just as good as anyone else, so why not act like it?

Shrill is set to premiere during 2019's South by Southwest Film Festival during the "Episodic Premieres" screenings set. After that, you can catch it on Hulu starting March 15.

Need some empowering TV in your life? This looks like the sweet spot.