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Chance The Rapper's New Album Comes Out In July – Prepare Accordingly

The rapper took to Twitter and Instagram to break the news

It seems like whenever Chance the Rapper makes news lately, it's never for the music. He starred in Slice last year and proved that he could make it away from music if he really put his mind to it. He's a master of philanthropic efforts for the millennial age. His last full-length body of work was 2016's Coloring BookSince then, fans have asked the rapper endlessly when something new would be available. On Monday (February 11), the long-awaited announcement finally came. Chance the Rapper is dropping a new album in July.

Last night, the rapper got a little theatrical with his announcement of the upcoming LP by giving a cryptic reveal on Twitter. He tweeted "July," followed by his manager, Pat Corcoran, actually announcing that a full body of work would be coming. Chance then retweeted this to help quell the growing sea of questions growing in his mentions. After calming the tide on Twitter, Chance turned to Instagram and, while in the midst of a shopping spree at Barneys, told the world that he's been working on music for a while now and has heard all of the requests. He ends the video saying that fans will receive the music when he's ready to put it out. It then cuts to him saying "July" with a large smile on his face.

In 2018, Chance gave fans a couple of appetizers with the release of the songs, "The Man Who Has Everything," "My Own Thing," and "Work Out." As to what we should expect on the new LP, that's anyone's guess. We have one thing to go off of; last August, Kanye West told reporters that he was in Chicago working on Chance's album.