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Dumbo Takes Flight In Charming New Disney Trailer

Get ready to see an elephant fly

Dumbo's flying high in the latest sneak peek of the live-action remake of the Disney film, and we've got our Kleenex boxes at the ready.

The new clip gives fans a look at Michael Keaton's circus owner role as V.A. Vandemere, as well as Danny DeVito as ringmaster Max Medici. The two actors are paired up again, giving us major flashbacks to director Tim Burton's 1992 cult hit Batman Returns. Keaton was, of course, Batman, while DeVito took on the role of the menacing Penguin.

There's a little over a month left until fans can shuffle into theaters to watch this timeless tale unfold with a live-action adaptation, and from what we've seen so far it looks like a faithful take on the animated classic.

However, there's still a host of changes that have been made, including the addition of new characters and plot threads. This version finds a former circus star named Holt Farrier (Colin Farrell) and his kids being enlisted by DeVito's Medici to care for a baby elephant with comically oversized ears.

The elephant is made fun of relentlessly, but all that changes when the family discovers those ears allow him to fly. Entrepreneur Vandevere (Keaton) recruits Dumbo to work at his larger-than-life entertainment complex, Dreamland, alongside acrobat Colette Marchant (Eva Green). Unfortunately, Dreamland is riddled with dark secrets, and Holt soon learns that not everything is quite what it seems.

Dumbo is one of three live-action Disney remakes for 2019, joining Aladdin on May 24 and The Lion King on July 19. You can catch Dumbo in theaters as it kicks off this year's trifecta of real-world Disney stories, taking flight March 29.