Why Bananas Thinks His Early War Of The Worlds Elimination Will Help His Challenge Future

And what does he really think of Wes' 'war' move?

The Johnny Bananas/Wes rivalry is a Challenge given, and during tonight's episode, the Duel and Rivals II winner proved it's alive and well after all of these adventures -- and even after a years-long hiatus (Wes hasn't appeared on a regular season since Rivals III).

In short, Wes struck first in this never-ending clash by earning a spot in The Tribunal, and he proceeded to vote the six-time winner (and Prospect partner Morgan) into The Killing Floor. Then, after a close battle with Zach and Zahida, Banorgan became the second team ousted from this world. Oh, maps and flags.

Even though this is Bananas' second earliest departure in his storied MTV career (he was the first ousted during his rookie season The Duel), he thinks his premature exit might help his future game.

"Every time I'm on a Challenge, I make it so far on the show that nobody has to ever turn on each other," Bananas told MTV News. "They can all just have one common enemy and go after me the entire time. And they never have to start infighting. It's why the Lavender Ladies and the Young Buck alliances lasted as long as they did -- they could stay together because I was the common enemy they had the entire time."

He continued: "With me going home this early, it will force people who I think otherwise wouldn't have gone at each other to go at each other. What I'm hoping is the next season I come in, and for the first time in a long time, [I'll] possibly not be the first one on everyone's radar."

Well, except Wes...who declared he would be going after Bananas until the latter "formally retires." So what does Bananas make of Wes' move since some time has passed?

"In this season's first challenge, I called him out and went against him, beat him, had the opportunity to send him into an elimination," Bananas said. "But because I'm actually a good person, I was like, 'Listen, Wes, there's so many new faces and there's so many people who don't deserve to be here and don't belong here -- for the time being, I'm not going to embarrass you. And I'm going to put our bullsh*t aside.' It was stupid of me to think that he was going to honor the same deal. I could have easily thrown him into the first elimination. I made the mistake of thinking Wes had some sort of respect."

What do you think of this Bananas/Wes turn of events? Offer your views, then keep watching War of the Worlds every Wednesday at 9/8c.