Who Is Kailyn Lowry's Celebrity Crush?

The 'Teen Mom 2' mama is about to date seven cloned versions of him

Kailyn Lowry has experienced love and heartbreak through her Teen Mom 2 journey. But will a bunch of clones of her celebrity crush pave the way for her one and only clone-ly?

"I don't date as a mother of three -- I don't have time to date," Kail declares in a sneak peek of the brand-new series Game of Clones, premiering tonight. "I'm hoping that I learn how to date, just because I don't know how."

So who is Kail's dream man?

"He doesn't give a f*ck, he's got the right amount of swag, but he's chill," Kail explains, cracking a big smile.

So is it a singer? An actor? Watch Kail reveal who it is in the clip, and do not miss her tonight on Game of Clones at 9/8c! And keep watching Isaac, Lincoln and Lux's mama every Monday on Teen Mom 2 at 9/8c.