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Nicki Minaj Is The Queen Of Darkness In Chaotic New 'Hard White' Video

It reaffirms her queen status in the realm of the living, though it's shot in the realm of the dead

One of Nicki Minaj’s longtime strengths has been her willingness to get crazy. Her name is practically synonymous with theatricality. On Friday (February 1), she released a demonic new visual for “Hard White” that shows how much she goes the extra mile with her work. It reaffirms her queen status in the realm of the living, although it’s shot in the realm of the dead.

The visual is made up a mix of dark magical scenery and twisted backdrops. Nicki appears as a witchy figure, wearing a mix of costumes that look both majestic and increasingly terrifying. There’s one scene that looks to be a futuristic throne room where she operates in full control. In others, there are naked, painted people moving demonically. Its title may be “Hard White,” and while white historically has symbolized purity, this lavish, sinister video represents anything but.

In the midst of the frantic movements and simmering flames, Nicki raps about her twisted rule of rap’s domain. “Mirror, mirror, who's the fairest? / You the motherfucking fairest, Nicki,” she raps, repeating a line delivered by the Evil Queen of the classic film Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs. That bar alone really sells the idea of the song, that a hard-nosed dominating woman emcee is perched upon her throne.

“Hard White” comes from Nicki’s 2018 album, Queen. It’s the fifth single following “Chun-Li,” “Bed,” “Barbie Dreams,” and “Majesty.” She’s getting ready to go on the European leg of The Nicki Wrld Tour with Juice WRLD, who replaced Future as the co-headliner. She dropped the equally captivating video for “Good Form” in November.

Watch the chaos unfold in the video above.