Dunzo: Is Nicole Really Finished With Ex On The Beach?

Her unexpected departure had everything to do with Chad...and his former flame

We can't say that we were surprised when Chad's ex on the beach stirred up the house -- the Bachelorette alum did warn his current hookup Nicole that his past lady would do as much. But Chad probably couldn't have predicted that shortly after Maddie's arrival, he would be screaming at Nicole "what did I do?" as she stormed off the MTV premises.

So what happened? Shortly after Maddie, who was just trying to figure out "what the f*ck happened" after Chad ghosted her, arrived, "little Nikki" was instantly rubbed the wrong way (maybe it had to do with Maddie stating Chad's "only into blondes"). And Nicole was further irritated when Chad said he had to think about his emotions for the brand-new addition.

"I thought he would come to after [introducing his ex around]," Nicole admitted. "But he never did."

And her impressions of the situation only worsened at the "Pink Party" (Murray and Morgan thought the shindig would ease some tension). But Nicole's time at the bash was brief -- and it wasn't just because she hates the color.

"I am not jealous -- I'm so good right now I'm going to walk away from this party," she spat at Chad, after he suggested she'd been feeling envious.

What Chad probably didn't realize was that she meant she was bolting from it all. Suitcases included.

"When it comes to Chad, things just don't add up. It makes me question everything. I'm done with this situation; I'm done with Chad," she declared.

When Corey told Chad that Nicole was on her merry way, Chad ran after her mid-exit -- and she told him not to speak to her.

"Nicole, what did I do?" he questioned. You really have no idea, Chad?

Now Nicole's future on the beach is in doubt -- and in a sneak peek of next week's episode, Chad confesses he's nervous to lose her. So will Nicole return? Or is the visual of her in the driveway the last we will see of her? Give your predictions, then keep watching Ex on the Beach on Thursdays at 8/7c.