How The Floribama Cast Wrapped Up Its Second Summer (Nudity Included)

Oh, and dad dance moves too

Drama and bickering aside, our MTV Floribama Shore friends finished out their summer in the best way they know how -- by hitting up a few bars and getting naked (not necessarily in that order).

Much like their final night out last summer, the PCB crew (minus Miss Candace) hit up Club La Vela, only this time, Jeremiah's brother Josh was in tow. After establishing that he and Gus are bona fide "tunnel brothers" (nice, guys), the latter set out to win Nilsa's heart for the night. Cue Kortni and the rest of the "Edible Cookie Posse": "Don't fall for it -- it's a trap! He probably wants your cookie."

Luckily, Nilsa, content with her single status, resolved to "be a good girl these days" and kept Josh and ol' Gussy boy at bay, sending them to bed with no cookies. Meanwhile, Kortni finally landed a proper dinner date with Carey, making it worth his while by shaving her legs, armpits and nether regions.

The next 24 hours continued to be eventful: Nilly and a slightly slimmer Codi went streaking, Kirk got faced with a full moon, Aimee dealt with some self-proclaimed "anger issues," and Gus further opened up to his PCB family about his personal problems.

Naturally, no summer would be complete without one last jaunt in the thot mobiles to No Name Lounge (yes, that No Name) so the gang could reminisce and bask in Jeremiah's dad dance moves. It seems their seemingly never-ending drama actually brought them closer -- who would have thot?

"We adjusted and learned how to tolerate each other," shared Gus. "What buttons not to push and what we could push."

Added our resident Princess Goddess Mermaid, "Being in a house with seven other people really makes you realize things about yourself that you didn't know before."

With that in mind, which Floribama castie do you think learned the most about themselves this summer? Sound off with your thoughts, then stay with MTV News for more on Floribama Shore!