6 Times Love Fizzled On The Hills (AKA Our Anti-Valentine's Day Special)

Because being single this time of year can really suck

Where — as Whitney Houston once famously asked — do broken hearts go, and can they find their way home? Well, if The Hills served as any indication, the answers are, in sequential order: somewhere along a pier in Santa Monica and no, not usually.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, and single folks far and wide are forced to confront heart-splattered storefronts and Seamless ads catered to two, we’re urging MTV fans to remember that even the most beautiful and sun-kissed among us have had a relationship issue or two.

While Heidi Montag, Whitney Port and Brody Jenner are all now happily married, there were times during The Hills’ original 2006 to 2010 run when their fabled romances seemed more like horror stories. So if you’re tired of the sight of teddy bears or novelty cards, remember — you’ve got solidarity from Hollywood! Check out the six most devastating relationship moments from The Hills below, then hang tight for all your favorite cast members to return to MTV as part of New Beginnings!

  1. Heidi removes her ring

    Long before Spencer and Heidi officially wed in a beautiful California church, they went rounds over whether to elope (Heidi wanted a traditional ceremony, while Spencer just wanted to get things over with). And tension came to a head in Season 3 when Heidi — who accused Spencer of completely negating her feelings — left his engagement ring on the coffee table and considered that marriage might be a mistake.

  2. Audrina slams Justin Bobby at sunset

    While Audrina typically kept her wits about her, she let Justin Bobby have it in the show’s fifth season, during which she swore him off after famously declaring, “You’re selfish, you’re self-centered, [and] all you care about is yourself.”

  3. Heidi learns that love is not a maybe thing

    Long before Speidi became an infamous item, Heidi dated Jordan Eubanks, and things seemed to go well for the couple early in their Season 1 relationship. Finally, though, after many nights spent crying over lovers’ discord, Heidi decided to pull the plug on the relationship, thanks to some iconic advice: “Love is not a maybe thing; you know when you love someone.” So many tears!

  4. Brody and Jayde just can’t play nice

    Through the bulk of Season 5, and thanks to many a jealousy issue, Brody and his girlfriend Jayde seemed to be at each other’s throats. Finally, in Episode 15, they had a fiery argument, and the two both seemed prepared to go in different directions.

  5. Audrina gives Ryan his walking papers

    Dating a pop star must be perfect, right? Audrina got some pretty compelling evidence to the contrary in Season 6, when she and boyfriend Ryan Cabrera couldn’t seem to get on the same page. Ryan, who felt threatened by some of Audrina’s exes, just couldn’t let his misgivings go, leading Audrina to finally break up with him.

  6. Speidi clash in the car

    Spencer was relentless about forcing Heidi to move in with him through Season 2, and when Heidi showed even traces of apprehension, Spencer chewed her out — most famously in his car. After a particularly heated argument on four wheels, he demanded she get out.