Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for GQ

Charli XCX Wants To Take You Back To 1999 By Giving Away Branded Tamagotchis

The dream of the '90s will never die

Hats off to Charli XCX for one of the most creative promo stunts ever. Her “1999” single with Troye Sivan is an escapist ode to the turn-of-the-century splendor, so what better way to promote it than by releasing a Charli XCX-themed Tamagotchi digital pet?

You read that right. If you have a Spotify account right now, then you’ll have a chance to get it.

Remember Tamagotchis, by the way? They were just like pets except, well, digital and handheld – and if you forgot to "feed" them, the consequences were much less severe than if they were actually alive, which was relieving.

Charli has kicked off a promo campaign to win the unique award. For a chance at getting it, all you have to do is build a unique 1999-themed playlist on Spotify in one of four categories: Rap Stars, Love Songs, Girls vs. Boys, or Movies. Charli’s team will give the creators of the playlists they like best these unique Tamagotchi pets that come with a serious side of longing for the '90s again.

Charli released the wild, nostalgic video for “1999” in October and we’re still reeling over the pair’s depiction of famous '90s figures. Everyone from Eminem and Britney Spears to Steve Jobs and Marilyn Manson were portrayed in that signature pre-Y2K sheen. A new album should be in the works, judging by her busy last year. “1999” was one of four singles, along with “Girls Night Out,” “No Angel,” and “5 in the Morning.” Her last studio album, Pop 2, dropped in 2017.